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Why is a passe-partout important?


A passe-partout is more than just an additional element between the glass pane and the picture or photo - a passe-partout creates a connection, it guides the eye in, creates calm around the picture and enhances its effect.

Passepartouts offer a wide range of design possibilities - you can use colored passepartouts to create more atmosphere and more accents in the room, or use a larger passepartout to stylishly frame a small picture in a changeable frame and bring so an airy, open atmosphere into the room.

The passepartout thus offers more flexibility in framing and allows use of different frame formats regardless of the size of the picture. The bevel cut gives the framing a sense of depth, which makes the picture stand out even more. It is also important that a passe-partout protects the picture from the ambient humidity and prevents the picture from contact with the glass pane and thus prevents the picture from being damaged.

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Professional custom made



Adding mounts to photos or pictures or renewing yellowed mounts - there are many ways to preserve and stylishly present your memories, family photos and artwork for a long time.

My professional, computer-controlled mat cutting machine ensures excellent quality with a classic 45° bevel cut.


Custom made passe-partouts

Ready-made passepartouts

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