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This is now a small selection that I present to you. Please let me know if you have a wish, what kind of product with which picture or designe you would like to have - that can certainly be made for you.

This series of lifestyle products is produced using print-on-demand method. This means that a product is produced only when an order is placed. The production costs and delivery times are therefore higher and longer than for mass-produced products. But you get a unique product, which is produced in the execution only for you. In addition, these products can be customized in many ways, for example, by a dedication or a text of your choice. Please contact me if you want to customize the product.

Such specially made for you products are not only an exclusive and unique product, designed by an artist. You can also reduce your ecological footprint. Because, manufacturing products on demand instead of in large quantities, helps to reduce overproduction and conserve resources of our planet.

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Would you like to bring a special decorative accent into your home with a design by Ryn Shaparenko? Or a gift for your loved ones?

Here in my gift store you will find

a selection of products with my designs and artworks, so that they delight you at home not only on the wall, but also accompany you in everyday life with a cup of tea or coffee or in the evening on the cozy pillow at movie night.

Or, or, or...


For hot or cold... As it says, coffee is not an element, coffee is elementally...

There is place for everything...

    My beautiful workplace... Mouse pads, laptop cases, cell phone cases, etc.

      For the sofa, for the cozy corner and so on...

      Paper Couture...- gift sets, bookmarks, notepads etc...

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